17 Plants to Avoid if You Have Cats

The following is a list of plants that are potentially harmful to cats if ingested, courtesy of the ASPCA.*Lilies Members of the Lilium spp. are considered to be highly toxic to cats. While the poisonous component has not yet been identified, it is clear that with even ingestions of very small amounts of the plant, […]

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Muscle and Joint Disorders in Dogs

How do the muscles and joints work? The muscles, joints, and bones act as a series of levers and pulleys to move the limbs and the body in general. Some joints (eg, knee and elbow) act like hinges that are stabilized by heavy ligaments and tendons, whereas other joints (eg, hips) allow more of a […]

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Our Pleasure

Hi Dr. Fostvedt, Just a quick note to let you know how much we have enjoyed working with you on this project! By combining our 15+ years of website building experience at with the state-of-the-art WordPress content management system we have developed a beautiful, easy to maintain website for you. As our premium Search […]

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